Conditions of participation


Entry calculation for course bookings:
When booking a course, the day ticket is given to the participant as gift. This means that only one person is entitled to free admission, even if the person has been booked more than once. In this way, we can guarantee that the course participants also have an entry ticket.

Cancellations of course bookings:
Up to 2 months before the event the course fee will be refunded at 100%.
Up to 1 month before the event the course fee will be refunded at 50%.
After 1 month there will be no refund.

Course cancellations by the organization:
Courses that do not reach the minimum number of participants will be cancelled 1 month before the festival starts. The previous participants will be informed and their costs will be refunded in full.

Cancellations of entrance tickets:
For day and weekend tickets there is no refund. These are not refundable.

Ticket shipment
The tickets will be sent by e-mail after receipt of payment. Please also check your spam folder, as many mail providers pre-sort the e-mails.

Advance booking
The advance booking is closed 1 week before the festival. There is a box office for admission to the exhibitor hall. Courses can no longer be booked on site.

Exhibitor and Teacher

With your application you accept the following conditions of participation:


The decision about the participation lies with the SYF and will be made until 2 weeks after the application deadline.
SYF reserves the right to cancel a course if the number of participants is low. This applies to courses that have not reached the minimum number of participants by 1 month before the start of the festival.
Courses can be booked online up to 1 week before the festival. Courses cannot be booked directly at the festival.

Upon request, SYF will inform the course instructors about the capacity utilization of a course. The courses will be advertised on the SYF website and in the social media.
For this we need photos, either they will be provided by the course instructors or we “use” the SM accounts of the respective course instructors.
The compensation of the instructors will be made according to a separate workshop agreement.

Conditions for Teachers

  1. Swiss Yarn Festival selects the courses from the applicants’ portfolio and schedules them for the festival. Wishes regarding the day(s) and time(s) of the course will be taken into account if possible.
  2. We offer 3-hour workshops. Full-day workshop are possible, if the space and the overall course offer allow.
  3. When applying, please note the maximum number of participants per workshop.
  4. When applying, please also indicate whether workshop participants need to bring working materials with them or whether these will be provided.
  5. Compensation: For a 3-hour course, the Swiss Yarn Festival will pay a compensation to the Teacher according to quantity students.
    Travel expenses: the Swiss Yarn Festival reimburses travel expenses for teachers outside of Switzerland.
    Overnight stay: the SYF will pay for the overnight stay if
    a) courses are scheduled on several days and b) the course leader has more than 80km to travel.
  6. The organisation of the premises is the responsibility of the SYF.
  7. The courses are offered on our website and can only be booked online. In the event of low capacity utilisation, SYF reserves the right to cancel courses at short notice, to cancel courses at short notice. For organisational reasons it is not possible to book courses directly at the festival. The sale runsuntil one week before the festival.


The decision about the participation lies with the SYF and will be made until 2 weeks after the application deadline.
With the receipt of the invoice and the payment of the stand fee the participation is definitively confirmed. If our invoice is not paid within the specified period, SYF may subcontract the stand space without further notice.
Cancellations by exhibitors after our confirmation will unfortunately be charged in full.

Exhibitors from abroad: Please contact your customs office to find out what options there are for transporting goods to and from Switzerland. It is your decision how you want to handle this. We do not accept any liability for customs duties and taxes.
The customs clearance of Switzerland is described here:

The SYF will take place in the Seminar & Congress Centre Riverside, Spinnerei-Lettenstrasse, 8192 Zweidlen-Glattfelden.
The stand will not have to be cleared overnight as the hall will be locked.

Advertising by the exhibitors is welcome, each of us (SYF organisation team as well as exhibitors) contributes to the success of SYF.
Exhibitors will receive the flyer in electronic and paper form (paper form local exhibitors only).
Various advertising channels will be used, most intensively the social media (please link contributions and absolutely pass them on!).

Sales area
The desired space will be available for furnishing on Friday morning 08.00 12.00.

The columns available in the room must be partly integrated into the stands, in this case they may be “used”, but not damaged (i.e. fixing of exhibits only with e.g. cord or tape). In the case of a stand on the wall, no nails, screws etc. may be knocked into the walls! Any damage shall be borne by the exhibitor.
All products must be marked with a price tag and the company name and label must be clearly visible on the stand.
No food may be sold at the stand.

The SYF:

  • allocates the stand space (wishes unfortunately cannot be taken into account)
  • sets up the tables beforehand
  • does not assume any sales guarantee
  • disclaims any liability

Insurance and any tax issues are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Set up:
Thursday from 12.00 – 18.00 h

Exhibition times:
Friday from 10.00 – 18.00 h
Saturday from 10.00 – 18.00 h
Sunday from 10.00 – 15.00 h

Clean up
Sunday from 15.00 o’clock
It is not allowed to clean up earlier.

Tidying up & waste
We kindly ask you to clear the stand quickly, tables and chairs may remain at the stand.
Packaging materials and other waste must be disposed of by the exhibitors themselves.

Loading / unloading the goods
The hall has one back entrance which will be used for loading and unloading the goods. SYF will instruct you, we ask you to load and unload quickly and then park your car so that there is room for the next exhibitors.

Parking spaces for exhibitors
There are free parking spaces, SYF or Riverside will direct you to your parking place.

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