Swiss Yarn Festival Organisation

Always a little envious we watch over the border the many wool festivals as they shoot out of the ground like mushrooms. Only in Switzerland is the wool festival desert.

After we think back and forth: “yes, we can create such an organization?” “Do we have time? “Is it worth the risk?” … the desire for our own festival has won the day.

Unfortunately, the search for a space was a bit difficult from the beginning, we don’t want to demand a lot of money for the stands. But then “magic!” Meret had the great idea with the Riverside in Glattfelden. Not that they made us a fair price only, no, it’s also an old spinning mill located on an idyllic little river, the Glatt.

Like a 6 in the lottery and we are looking forward to spring and our first Swiss Yarn Festival.

Asita "Sidi" Krebs

Asita "Sidi" Krebs

Spinner and Knitweardesigner

Asita is still enjoying her maternity leave and is therefore not part of the 2023 organisation.

Asita is a passionate spinner, dyer and knitwear designer. Half her life revolves around wool. Besides, she works 70% in the IT industry as a compensation.

"Again and again I was asked if there is not another wool festival in Switzerland. So me and Meret spit in their hands and created the Swiss Yarn Festival."

Meret Bützberger

Meret Bützberger

Swiss Double Knitting Queen

Meret, better known as Butzeria, is a wool addict knitting designer. She is best known for her double knitting designs, but every now and then something "normal" jumps from her needles.
The nickname "Double Knitting Queen" was given to her at a wool festival and it has become established 😉