Our carefully selected teachers will arrive with a large backpack full of knowledge, tips and tricks. It is always nice to learn more about the teachers. Therefore we would like to give you some details about them.

The advance sale has ended and no more workshops can be booked.

Julie Dubreux

Julie Dubreux

Julie knits in Paris

More about Julie

Julie Dubreux is a French knitwear designer and knitting instructor. Her enthusiastic love for the knitting community translates into colourful collaborations with indie dyers from all around the world.

Her designs have been published in Pom Pom Quarterly, Laine Magazine and Knit Now UK, as well as in books such as I Knit Paris, My Favourite Things and Homecoming.

Julie is both an entertaining and understanding tutor. She teaches skills and knowledge, but she also focuses on sharing enthusiasm and confidence, so knitters can follow their own path without fear. Her past experience as a high-school teacher allows her to manage groups of knitters with different levels of ability so that no one feels left out, and everyone actually gets to learn something new.

Sidsel Høivik

Sidsel Høivik


More about Sidsel

I started to knit when I was 4 and have never been bored since.
Love to travel and meet people and have for a period in my life been living in Caracas, California and almost 7 years in Rome where I studied 4 years in Accademia di Costume di Moda.
I have been selling designs since the 80´s beside other full time jobs.
Worked 9 years as a handicraft journalist in a magazine. Until 9 years ago I started to work full time as knit designer.
In 2015 I started my own webshop sidselhoivik.no where I sell yarn-kits of my own designs. I ship my kits worldwide.
I love all kind of knitting, but my speciality has become stranded knitting often inspired by my Norwegian heritage. I often give it a feminine touch with details of embroidery, crochet, ribbons, beads and sequins.
I think it’s magic that my great hobby has become my job.
It has made me meet a lot of new and interesting people and sent me to places I probably would not have seen if it wasn’t for my knitting.
Picture by Anne Helene Gjelstad
Valentina Cosciani

Valentina Cosciani


More about Valentina

Valentina Cosciani (alias TIBISAY) lives and works in Trieste (Italy) with her husband, two sons, and two cats. She spends most of her time designing patterns, writing her blog, and making videos for her YouTube channel.

She desperately tries to fit together the pieces of a chaotic daily routine that includes knitting, traveling in Italy, Austria and Switzerland to present new designs, and cooking for the famished men in her active family… failing more often than not!

Terri Malcolmson

Terri Malcolmson

Terri Laura

More about Terri

“I am Terri Malcolmson, a Shetlander through and through who loves colour and traditional Shetland knitting. I have combined these to create my business and I am loving every minute.

Although I have designed a few, I have direct links to many of the motifs I use, some are from Shetland or were designed by my grandmother, however it is the colourwork I like to have the most fun. My colourways become very personal to me as they have been infused with my time and passion for what I do.

Currently I am designing, producing and teaching. I really enjoy working with people as well, customising Fair Isle to suit the tastes and needs of someone else is becoming more and more enjoyable for me and a growing part of my business.”

Jule Kebelmann

Jule Kebelmann

Hey Mama Wolf

More about Jule

Jule studied textile and surface design in Berlin. After university she spend some years as a knitting instructor and freelance knitwear designer for theatre, movies and fashion brands. With knitting for her two children the idea of a sustainable and local yarn came into life. Since her own childhood she feels deeply connected to the botanical realm and the healing properties of plants. A friend gave the idea to start dyeing with plant dyeing. It was love on first try. She started her own yarn company Hey Mama Wolf in 2015. Today Jule lives in an old water mill in the north of Germany with her family, chickens, angora rabbits and a lot of friendly plants.

Mimi McGarry

Mimi McGarry

YArnchix Podcast

More about Mimi

Mimi McGarry is a knitter, podcaster, artist. but first and foremost, she’s always there for our knitting community.
Mimi is the founder and part of the social, nierdigschwelligen knitting meeting “Liebes Wedding knits”and the Berlin Yarn Crawl 2019 (www.berlinyarncrawl.de).

Their interest is always to learn new skills, to share them and to share them with others to help you realize yourself creatively.
Originally trained as an artist she publishes the Yarnchix Zine and the Yarnchix podcast, likes to film and photograph for her life,
she writes about contemporary dance, translates knitting patterns and other texts, and works in two large wool shops in Berlin
where she teaches knitting beginner courses as well as knitting English.

She is always happy to help customers find solutions to their knitting problems.

She is all about strengthening community, because knitting is more than just processing the yarn.

Sabrina Schumacher

Sabrina Schumacher


More about Sabrina

I’m a passionate knitter and designer from Switzerland. I help you to improve your knitting skills. Knitting is not only fun. It’s also very suitable for recreation. So that you stay in the flow, it’s helpful to know certain tricks. I pass on my joy and my knowledge in my classes that you are and stay infected by knitting fever
Mona C. NicLeòid Wagner

Mona C. NicLeòid Wagner

Knitting in Spaceships

More about Mona

“I grew up in a house full of knitters and learned to knit at the same time as reading and writing. For the last 10 years I’ve delved deep into garment design, shaping and fit.

I write patterns for my own designs and publish them on Ravelry.

It’s my mission to encourage other women to work confidently with their individual measurements and style preferences, in line with the motto: Create your own fashion!”

Rüdiger Schlömer

Rüdiger Schlömer


More about Rüdiger

Rüdiger Schlömer combines his interests and experience as a designer and exhibition mediator in typeknitting. He studied Visual Communication and Art in Context, has worked for many years in the fields of exhibition graphics, signalling and book design and gives workshops in museums and art academies.

As a graphic designer he has discovered knitting as a way of making type and typography tangible and sensual. And to explore parallels between digital design and analogue craft. This has resulted in the book “Pixel, Patch and Pattern – Typeknitting”, which has been published in Vogue Knitting, The Knitter, Make, Page and Novum and has been nominated for the Design Preis Schweiz 2019.

In his workshops, Rüdiger teaches the basic principles of typeknitting with the aim that participants can apply them creatively in their own way. This happens in an open and communicative atmosphere, in which there is also room for new approaches and ideas. Typeknitting is thus constantly evolving as a “plug-in” for knitting techniques.

Rüdiger Schlömer lives and works in Zurich.

Meret Bützberger

Meret Bützberger


More about Meret

“I am Meret and live with my family in a small village countryside in Switzerland, near Zurich. Even if I am already over the age of 40, I think I didn’t grow up, I love to make silly stuff with my son and hubby and this side of my personality has a big influence of my designs.

I started knitting as so many others, due to my Granny and the older Ladies in our neighborhood. Later we also had crafting in school, we learned knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery. But after school, I had no time for crafting, also no passion, other stuff was why more important, really addicted I became first 2003.
I am an autodidact and driven by a “shy” addiction to perfectionism, that’s why I started to double face knitting. You get a piece with two perfect sides, what else could I wish?
I am holding several workshops during the year and having a Facebook-Support-Group.”

Sibylle Peter

Sibylle Peter


More about Sibylle

“Fascinated by yarn production? From wool processing? Interested in dyeing, spinning, knitting and crocheting from time to time? Want to produce something yourself? That’s exactly what drives me.

Since my youth I have always made something, be it knitted or sewn. During my stay in Norway at the end of the 90s, knitting fever definitely gripped me again. After my return to Switzerland, I had difficulties to find the right yarn for the nice warm two-coloured gloves. This led to an intense interest in yarn production, until finally a spinning wheel was drawn to me and I made my own yarn. At the same time I also experimented with plant dyes. In 2012 I completed a 2.5 year apprenticeship in yarn design with Zürcher and Stalder.

I am looking forward to many textile adventures wherever the journey takes me – according to the new motto: “share.learn.craft”.

Nadine Grolimund

Nadine Grolimund


More about Nadine

“Hello, my name is Nadine, I am 42 years young and grew up in Glattfelden. At school I didn‘t like handicrafts so much. But since my childhood I have been wearing my mum’s knitwear. The knitting and crocheting is the absolute passion of my mum. I always liked wool, during school time I knotted for all my friends. My mum and I share the same hobby, we like to go as visitors to medieval markets, where I got to know the two techniques needlebinding and tablet weaving. I have been practicing these techniques for more than 10 years now and today we are also represented with a stand at a few medieval markets. Needlebinding has totally gripped me, it has become an addiction to try out new types of stitches and textiles have increased from caps to sweaters. Just consider that there are over 100 different stitch types and I can do their 15. Furthermore, there is the problem that there are no instructions, everything comes out of the feeling. But it is and remains my hobby, because my first passion is the animals. As an animal keeper EFZ and qualified dog physiotherapist I made my first hobby my profession.”

Beatrice Frei-Hofer

Beatrice Frei-Hofer


More about Beatrice

“I am a mother, housewife and trained gardener living with my family in Flaach in the Zürcher-Weinland. I got to know the old technique of fillet knotting 6 years ago during the customs week Fiesch (organized by the Swiss Trachtenvereinigung). With my label beasallerlei.ch I have specialized in knotted loop scarves made of various fibres. Meanwhile I can call myself a Button millionaire and fillet knotting has become my great passion. ”

Anita Haug

Anita Haug

Kreativ Treff

More about Anita

The passion for handicrafts was probably put into my cradle, already in the
I liked school lessons most of all with knitting, crocheting and sewing.
Of course I learned a creative profession and became a dressmaker.
Later, I continued my training part-time and now work as an accountant.
I am married and unfortunately we have no children. My husband and I have hobbies with cats and vintage cars.
The trips with the club are always very interesting and you get to know the whole of Switzerland on side roads.
Five years ago I started crocheting baby shoes and so I got into two scenes.
The first scene was the suitcase market scene, where I was active as a participant with my crocheted goods. Today I’m on the OK team at Koffermarkt-Winterthur.
And on the other hand into the handicraft wool scene. Especially online, I gained insight into many areas.
I discovered the Tunisian crochet. I was fascinated by this technique right from the start.
I’m totally thrilled, I’m really on fire, and the more I
the more diverse the Tunisian crochet will be.
Tunisian crocheting is often referred to as a mixture of knitting and crocheting and is therefore also called crocheting.
In my opinion it is even more and cannot be reduced to a mixture of knitting and crocheting.
It is an extremely exciting handicraft technique that every woman and every man can learn.
The aim of my course is to teach a technique and to infect people with the Tunisian Crochet Virus.

Ursula Vergés

Ursula Vergés


More about Ursula

I am enthusiastic about colours and textile materials. That’s why I completed my modular training at Zürcher Stalder to become a hand weaver. As a trained kindergarten teacher, I also like to pass on my knowledge. Numerous adults and children were able to gain their first weaving experience and knowledge with me. Today, many of them weave independently and create their own works.
In addition to the production of fabrics, I also find peace in weaving, indulge in the colours and am happy about the small and large works that are created.

Isa Kuhnert

Isa Kuhnert


More about Isa

5 years ago I had my first contact with felt as a material during an apprenticeship and since then I have become hopelessly addicted to it. I love to dive into my own world and to depict it in dreamy pictures. Fairies and gnomes and other magical creatures can be found on it. In addition, you will find very special birthday crowns with magical motifs. Pocket princesses, dwarfs and magic nuts are also packed.
Come and let yourself be taken from my world
enchant or learn to create such creatures yourself in a course!
I am looking forward to it.

Jana Bochet

Jana Bochet

Arbeit an der Masche

More about Jana

As a philosopher, I like to discover the world by hand, more precisely by means of embroidery. Working with the thread is very varied and opens up new perspectives on the world and ourselves. From associative, abstract patterns to classical repertoire based on repetition, to modern techniques and experiments, embroidery is as individual as the person guiding the thread. In my courses I would like to draw the attention of the participants to less noticed aspects such as rhythm or the history of the individual techniques. The targeted guidance of the thread as well as the creation of forms, patterns and colour sequences has a direct effect on us, especially as the heart rhythm extends to the body and the hand. Also the initial incapability and incomprehension are very valuable for the learning process, because resistance is overcome and one learns something new about oneself. The patterns and figures resulting from this process not only bring a change, but enrich our lives in a very special way.