Swiss Yarn Festival Workalong

for example, a hand-dyed or assembled gradient yarn

for example a hand-dyed yarn with wild speckles

for example a Swiss Yarn Festival dyed tops, rolled rolags or carded batts

To indulge even more in the anticipation of the Swiss Yarn Festival, we have come up with something exciting. There won’t be a Knitalong but a Workalong. We would like to invite all handcrafters into the creative pool.

Whether hand dyers make a yarn in the following colours and designers create a special SYF design out of it, sewers sew a SYF project bag, embroiderers embroider SYF buttons or wool shops put together sets from their inventory. Everyone can take part, whether you can come to the Swiss Yarn Festival or not.

The only condition is that one of the main colours from the logo and the website is used. These are mandatory in the SYF creation. Additionally we have listed some minor colors as creativity input. But you are completely free there.

The creations will be shared on Instagram, we will repost the posts posted with #syf2019workalong and embed them into the gallery on the website.

Hashtag so we can share it: #syf2019workalong

Hashtags that can be used also: #swissyarnfestival #workalong #syf2019

We are already very curious what will come out of it!

Main colors

One of these colors is mandatory. Not all of them have to appear in the creation.

Minor colors

The secondary colors do not have to occur in the creation. They are only intended as input.