Apply as Teacher for the Swiss Yarn Festival 2024

Everybody who is passionate about wool tends towards one way of processing the most and becomes really good at it. Pass on your knowledge to others and apply as a course instructor by 16 October 2023. We are looking for everything around knitting, embroidery, spinning, felting, macramé, weaving, knotting, crocheting and so on.


Workshop details

For each workshop, please provide the full details relevant to the course (title, description, materials to bring, homework, language, and any material costs). If you have a portfolio, you can upload it via PDF and enter in the field "Workshop 1" that the workshops are according to the portfolio.
If you want to offer more than 4 workshops, you can also enter several workshops in one field.


Workshop fee

The Swiss Yarn Festival compensates the Teacher for a 3h workshop as follows:

Up to 10 participants 200 CHF
Up to 20 participants 300 CHF

Travel compensation and hotel accommodation

Travel will be compensated for course leaders outside of Switzerland.
If there is a travel distance of more than 80 km and courses are given on at least two consecutive days, the hotel accommodation in the Riverside will be provided by the Swiss Yarn Festival and the costs will be covered.