Cancellation of the 3rd Swiss Yarn Festival 2021

Hopes were high that the pandemic would come to an end this autumn or at least we could return to normality with the virus. At last we could have relaxed again and met again for knitting, spinning and crocheting. Unfortunately this did not happen and we have to prepare ourselves for it to last longer.
This afternoon, the BAG has now limited public events to 50 people, and will continue to do so until further notice. Since we would have been ready to start organising soon, we have now reached a decision.

It was a very difficult decision, as we all want to meet again the people who share our interests and simply enjoy the wool and fibres. On the other hand, we do not want to increase the risk of spreading the virus.
Therefore it is the most reasonable thing to decide to cancel the Swiss Yarn Festival 2021.

This year we were really lucky with some losses to be able to hold the festival as one of the last ones. We don’t want to risk to cancel the festival after all the organisational work and financial expenses.
We hope that soon the world will be free from a pandemic and that the Swiss Yarn Festival can take place again.

All the best and stay healthy
Asita & Meret

Impressions and gallery

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